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Who Are We

JazzyRay & JaySmooth Entertainment, LLC is a recently established Live Music Promotion Agency that focuses on helping our talented clients bring their creativity and talents to the Smooth Jazz audiences on the Gulf coast and in the Destin area. 

We have traveled the world to experience large festivals and small jazz venues and realized some of the best music is right in our backyards. Emerging smooth jazz artists have some of the same talents and energy of smooth jazz superstars but the world hasn’t had the opportunity to see their flow. 

Whether you’re new to the music scene or already have a long track record in the industry, we at Jazzy Ray & Jay Smooth Entertainment, LLC always brings a passionate approach to every publicity campaign we’re involved in.

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JR & JS are avid live jazz performance fans, we have traveled to Japan, the Caribbean, Moody Gardens Wine & Jazz Festival in Galveston, Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Panama City Beach, Punta Gorda Jazz and Wine Festival, Blue Note Jazz Cruise, Pensacola Summerfest and numerous other jazz venues. What does this mean?

We have been devoted customers and observers for a combined 25 years. While these events provide a great experience we often see the same superstars but rarely the great artists on their way to stardom. Most people are astonished when they hear emerging artist who are in their backyard but seldom get the spotlight they may deserve. We strive to be the Gulf Coast’s answer to regular small venue smooth jazz performances at a reasonable price.

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Work With A Live Music Promotion Agency

Our Social Media Marketing services are unlike any other in the area, enabling your musical brand to grow and increasing your audience and prospective fanbase.

This is what we live for: creating more success for you and your music than you ever thought was possible on the Gulf Coast.

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