Destin Smooth Jazz Piks

We are really loving the variety of music hitting the streets lately. New artists and new music by seasoned and emerging artists is always a treat. Make way and take a listen because they deserve it!

Jacob Webb – Groovin J – it starts out like it’s a nice driving track and quickly develops into a track you could chill with, dance on a Saturday afternoon or have that jam session. This my first-time hearing Jacob, I’ll be looking for more of him. Check out Belmont Ave. Nice to hear a great bass line… check him out

Nicholas Cole – Sugar – Wow!!! A breath of fresh air on the keys…last FM described him as the “next generation of contemporary urban jazz artists”.  I heard one of his tracks a few months ago and was impressed. This keyboardist is about to make his own spot.

Blair Bryant- Fukushima Tears – Blair teams up with Najee on this cut and I immediately think of chilling on the back porch on Saturday evening in early summer. This just super smmoooth…. Another great bassist with a bit flair. Check out his site at

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