Gulf Coast Bass Player Creates Perfect Storm

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Snowden about 4 years ago at Seabreeze Jazz Festival. My best bud, Jay Smooth introduced me to him and had nothing but great things to say about him.

Over the past 6 months I have been nothing but impressed by the somewhat quiet demeanor and extraordinary skills of this super bassist. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him on multiple occasions as we get things in place for our Gulf Coast Smooth Jam on May 25, 2019. As I continue to build content for promoting the show and our social media, I wanted to highlight Chris so I started doing some poking around on the web, although there wasn’t a lot, there was enough to give me even better insight on how he got here. I found this tidbit on the Samson Technology page.

Born in Pensacola, FL, Chris Snowden began playing the bass at the age of seven. By age fourteen, he had participated in several studio recordings and was an active musician in his hometown. To date, Chris has played and toured with artists such as Paul Beasley & The Gospel Keynotes, Chester Gregory, Jonathan Nelson, Alexis Spight, Antoine Knight, Jeff Floyd, Jai Reed, David Jones, Kendra Carr and Earnest Pugh just to name a few. Chris currently tours with various artists and bands across the country.

Since that time Chris has hit the stage with performers like Michael J Thomas, Chris Godber, Euge Grove, Eric Darius, CeeLoo, Mike Phillips, Julian Vaughn and probably one his favorites and the artist I see him performing with most often is Brian Simpson. In fact, when we were working out details yesterday, he was on his way to do a gig with Brian.

…but back to what I started out on. Chris Snowden seems like the big brother next door, always giving quiet but important advice and suggestions and help people put their best foot forward. So I’ve been really posting a lot about our headliner for May 25th, Dominique Hammons and realized as with any bass player, Chris is holding down the show as the Chris Snowden Project is also backing Dominque for Gulf Coast Smooth Jam. So I set out to find content on Chris and came across this 2015 YouTube video of him playing Southern Girl, by Frankie Beverly and Maze...check it out. . Keep in mind, this was four years ago. Follow Chris at

If you want to have a truly unique treat on May 25th, go to

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