Destin Smooth Jazz Piks Apr 13

With school, work and launching a new business I pushed it hard this past week, because if I sleep I’m two-steps behind. I started this week’s #SmoothJazzPiks 5 days ago and took then the opportunity to relax a bit and complete classwork. After finishing an assignment, I decided it was music time.

I love hearing new artists, so I put Patrick Yandall on the real stereo. Patrick is a smooth jazz guitarist raised in Michigan and attended Central Michigan University. Check out his site – http://www Patrick is my Best Pik for the week. “When it’s Hip” is definitely a project to hear on a Friday night after a long week, he will definitely fire up your turbines. King James is reminiscent of the Crusaders sound, an upbeat track with Patrick shining through. Watch out though, you will want to get up and dance., especially with “Who’s that Lady”.

Mark Allen Felton’s track “Palace for You” was a great addition to the Friday night groove. His bio states it best – “A Chicago native, saxophonist extraordinaire, Mark Allen Felton aka Panther drew upon a wealth of influences from Funk to Jazz to Gospel”.

Check out the video

The sax work is nicely done and filled with fire. I actually got out of my chair…great cut. Check out his other work and you will be more than satisfied.

Reza Khan Drop of Faith”, featuring Nils, mellowed out the evening for me as I needed to make the final approach to reaching the prone position. This cut is one for a mellow upbeat day, sitting on the beach or tending the grill this jazz guitarist shines through. See more about him at “…purposefully transcending typical genre trappings with his dynamic fusion of infectious pop, jazz, soul and world music influences.” Take a listen this would be a good addition for your chill time.

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