New & Emerging Artists Making Their Mark

Each week as I do research on those artists hitting the Smooth Jazz Network Charts I gain a greater appreciation of why I decided to take this trek in life. I continue to appeal to the masses, check out the new and emerging artists. Whether in Alabama, Floria, Georgia or Texas there are so many exciting artists bringing in hot and heavy hits with great writing and arrangement. Take a look at out piks and then have a listen.

Tony Exum Jr. – A refreshing change and smooth groove. Tony’s “My name is Toney” track will be the prefect addition for that weekend get together, adding an upbeat flavor to your chill session. Those who like to dance , you can do it to this track. Check him out at Described as the “mind the sultriness of Grover Washington, Jr., the soulfulness of David Sanborn, the silky smoothness of George Howard, and the tender passion of Ronnie Laws.” Check this artist out and you will definitely have a new addition to your library. Take a listen at

Cherry Sweet by Reggie Codrington can be the nexthit for those who love to line dance or love an upbeat groove while driving or hanging with friends. Reggie released his first of three albums in 2012 and has made a name for himself on the soprano saxophone. I invite you to take a listen on his website and enjoy the treat for your years. His video can be see at

Rounding out the Smooth Jazz Piks for the week is Quintastic defined by Deon Yates Quintasticis the culmination of nearly 10 years of paying dues, relationship building and persistence. The word quintastic is a noun. The definition is “a person who is aged fifty or more and is still attractive and successful, especially someone famous.” Check him out at

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