Destin Smooth Jazz Piks Mar 16

What a week!! We traveled to Galveston, Tx this past weekend for the Moody Gardens Wine and Jazz Festival and had a great time.Iw as introduced to the expertise of Andre Cavor on the sax with great performances by Norman Brown, Julian Vaughn, Gerald Albright and others. All and all, we had a great weekend and easy trail plans.

This week’s piks opened my ears to three artists on the Smooth Jazz 100 chart I had not previous heard about, but took a listen and was really impressed. In fact my wife and I along with Jay Smooth took a listen while relaxing in Galveston on Sunday.

Isaac Norris is on the chart at #92 with Spin Moves a great upbeat track for his work on the saxophone. This song really got the day started for us as we prepared to make the first set of the festival this weekend. This is a track you really need to add to your rotation whether for the drive to work in the morning or hitting the streets for a night out on the town. This is a track to get the party started to just get motivated for the day ahead. Check it out at The Inner City Christian Federation had this say about him on their Facebook page, “Isaac Norris is a sax-savvy musician who was born and raised in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI. Norris has blazed many stages in and around Grand Rapids with the sweet, rich sounds of his saxophone. The Isaac Norris Project has played R&B, Smooth Jazz, Funk, and Rock at many local venues and events”.

Jeff Moses said it well…”Another masterpiece from the incomparable Billy Ray Sheppard. This track is saxy and smooth as silk…WOW! It’s a great honor for WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio to be broadcasting this spectacular, amazing, and world-class single. CONGRATULATIONS Billy Ray Sheppard!” This San Antonio based saxophonist released his debut album named after the title track Silk which was co-written with Steve Oliver and really hits the spot for that special Sunday afternoon relaxing or grilling. Check him out at

Monty Seward started performing as a singer at the age of five and recorded his first single with his mother at the age of nine. He’s played the drums, piano, flute, guitar and now masters the keyboard and teamed up with Eric Darius on this single “Getting Better” to bring the energy you would expect with Eric Monty attended college with a major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in jazz. His voice and songwriting brought him the attention he deserved in the music industry….enjoy.

I would remised if I didn’t mention my man Dominique Hammons, violinist supreme. His new single “Ain’t no Sunshine” really gives you a glimpse of his skills and we are chomping at the bit to hear his new fun project slated for release in April. Check him out at

Paula Atherton was featured in the 2018 “Ones to watch” segment of the Dave Koz  radio show, and was interviewed by him.  Paula was also nominated as one of the top 10 breakout artists of 2018 by Allen Keplers’ Smooth Jazz Network!  This April 11-14 2019 Paula will be performing at the Maria Teatro Guerrero Theater in Madrid, Spain! Her new single “Into the Night” wasa great upbeat surprise. I played it for Jay Smooth this weekend as we cruised the streets of Galveston and he said “Who is that? I laughed because be introduced me to here work just prior to her appearing Pensacola, Fl for a festival last year or the year prior. Great work Paula. Check her out.

See you next week and please let us know what you think and share this blog.

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